自然爱好者可能会发现自己喜欢的新地点 前往挪威沃斯。 This small municipality may not seem like much at first glance, but dig a little deeper and you will find a plethora of gorgeous natural scenery that any travel aficionado would be deeply grateful to experience.这个小小的自治市乍看之下似乎并不多,但深入一点,您会发现许多绚烂的自然风光,任何旅行爱好者都将不胜感激。

Located at the eastern edge of Vestlandet, Voss is subject to much of the weather and geography of the west coast: rain, mountains, sheep, and a mix of old-growth forests and sprawling farmland.位于维斯特兰德(Vestlandet)东部边缘的沃斯(Voss)受西海岸的大部分天气和地理因素影响:降雨,山脉,绵羊以及古老的森林和广阔的农田。 Mixed together, it provides a small town feel with convenient proximity to iconic Norwegian nature, making it an ideal place to experience wild landscapes and outdoor adventures.混合在一起,它提供了一个小镇的感觉,并且方便地接近标志性的挪威自然风光,使其成为体验野外景观和户外探险的理想场所。


Norway has been put on the world's travel radar due to its incredibly unique fjords.挪威因其独特的峡湾而备受世界旅行雷达的关注。 Bergen, just over an hour away by train, is considered “the gateway to the fjords”, and many tourism companies market the country as “Fjord Norway”.卑尔根距离火车只有一个多小时的路程,被认为是“通往峡湾的门户”,许多旅游公司将该国称为“挪威峡湾”。 Known as the adventure capital of the country, Voss just happens to be conveniently nestled between the country's two largest fjords: Hardangerfjord in the south and Sognefjord in the north, each ideal for kayaking and SUP Boarding.沃斯(Voss)被称为该国的冒险之都,恰好坐落在该国两个最大的峡湾之间:南部的哈当厄尔峡湾和北部的松恩峡湾,都是皮划艇和SUP登机的理想之地。

峡湾到底是什么? In the words of the official Fjord Norway:用挪威官方峡湾的话来说:

“峡湾是一条深,狭窄,拉长的海洋或湖泊流域,在三侧都有陡峭的土地。 The opening toward the sea is called the mouth of the fjord, and is often shallow.通往大海的开口被称为峡湾口,通常很浅。 If the geological formation is wider than it is long, it is not a fjord.如果地质构造比其长,那么它就不是峡湾。 Then it is a bay or cove.然后是海湾或海湾。

The fjords of Norway were formed by the giant glacier tongues that through several ice ages have shaped the landscape.挪威的峡湾由巨大的冰川舌头组成,这些冰川舌头经过数个冰河时代塑造了整个景观。 A fjord is therefore a U-shaped undersea valley, and on the west coast, this valley is often surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery.”因此,峡湾是一个U形的海底山谷,在西海岸,这个山谷经常被群山环绕。

When thinking about fjords, it important to remember that the water in them is actually salt water, as they are extensions of the ocean.考虑峡湾时,重要的是要记住,峡湾中的水实际上是盐水,因为它们是海洋的延伸。 That's why scientists have been able to find coral reefs in some of the country's fjords.这就是为什么科学家能够在该国某些峡湾中找到珊瑚礁的原因。


峡湾提供的冒险活动与沃斯周围的山脉一样多! 远足和山地车之旅 对于许多户外旅行者来说,夏天和冬天的滑雪旅行都是巨大的吸引力。

我们最喜欢的一些 mountain bike 步道 in the nearby mountains include Raugstad, Storåsen and Bømoen.附近的山脉包括Raugstad,Storåsen和Bømoen。 Whether a beginner or a pro-biker, there is something for everyone.无论是初学者还是职业自行车手,每个人都能找到适合自己的东西。 And while each trail presents its own challenges, each location boasts its own unique beautiful scenery too.尽管每条步道都面临着自己的挑战,但每个地点也都拥有自己独特的美丽风景。

但是,可以说滑雪旅行是冬季最流行(也是挪威人!)的原因。 沃斯滑雪 包括 Mount Oksen,Lønahorgi,Raundalen山,Vikafjell或Sognefjord山。 就像 Mountain bike 挪威之旅,无论是在斜坡上还是在偏远地区,每次滑雪冒险都可以进行调整,以适应几乎所有技能水平。

一个人 mountain bike 骑在挪威沃斯附近的山地自行车道上。宁静的湖泊

国际山区小镇沃斯(Voss)也是许多大型湖泊的所在地,包括Evangervatnet,Hamlagrovatnet,Lønavatnet,Torfinnsvatnet,Vangsvatnet和Oppheimsvatnet。 Outdoor Norway的办公室恰好坐落在美丽的Vangsvatnet海岸上,距离中央火车站/汽车站和吊船仅100米!

毫不奇怪 然后,Vangsvatnet成为中心位置 用于水上活动。 Outdoor Norway provides stand-up paddling, canoeing and kayaking options to visitors so they may too join in on the fun and experience what the lake has to offer.为游客提供站立式划船,划独木舟和皮划艇的选择,这样他们也可以加入其中,并体验湖泊所提供的乐趣。 It is also the perfect place to sit back and relax as you watch dozens of paragliders fly through the sky, all back dropped by beautiful scenery.当您观看数十个滑翔伞在天空中飞翔,被美丽的风景所倾倒时,它也是放松休息的理想场所。

如果您很兴奋地踏上这些独特的冒险之旅,今天就开始计划与 Outdoor Norway team.球队。 We provide我们提供 远足和自行车之旅以及 滑雪冒险和户外活动 在挪威沃斯及其附近。